Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Holidays Around the World...Las Posadas

Beginning December 16th the  festival of Las Posadas is celebrated.
Your class will enjoy discovering how the children in Mexico celebrate this special event.

Vocabulary and an outline of Las Posadas for your class.

Informational text perfect for guided reading with a graphic organizer for recording key facts.

Writing:  Narrative, Informative, Sensory, Creative

Pages for final writing with a class cover for writing.

Word Work:  ABC Order, Syllables, Making Words, Word Search

Math Game...Subtraction to 12/Odd/Even
Poinsettia craft for mini booklet.

Holidays Around the World...Christmas!

Speaking of Holidays Around the World let's not forget this delightful one that people celebrate with songs, greenery, games, lights, families, gifts, feasts, Santa and the birth of Baby Jesus.

Colorful vocabulary for posting and a page with "fun facts".

Informational text that can be used for guided reading with a graphic organizer for fact recall.

Writing:  narrative, informational, sensory and how to!

Final write pages with a cover for a class book.
Also a page for students to draw or list their "wishes".

Word Work:
ABC Order, Parts of Speech, Syllables, Making Words, Word Search

A math game focusing on addition, subtraction and ending with greater than or less than.

Holidays Around the World...St. Lucia!

St. Lucia, St. Lucy's Day, Santa Lucia are all names for this feast day in Sweden.
Your class will enjoy exploring the traditions of the special day.
Informational Text

Graphic Organizers

Writing: narrative, informational, sensory.

Final write pages and class book cover.

Word Work
Parts of Speech, word search, make words, syllables, ABC Order

Math Game (addition)

Monday, November 20, 2017

Around the World...Hanukkah

For eight nights, Hanukkah is celebrated with prayer, lighting the candles in the menorah, and food. Children play games (dreidel), sing songs, and exchange gifts. The menorah has nine candles, a candle for every night, plus a helper candle placed in the middle.  Latkes are served with applesauce and sour cream. The dates of Hanukkah change because this holiday follows the lunar cycle. This year, 2017, it is celebrated on December 12th to December 20th.
There are colorful vocabulary cards for posting and informational text.

A mini book is provided for guided reading and followed by a graphic organizer for children to recall facts.

There is a dreidel template for a die and rules to play a dreidel game with your class using coins.

Writing includes informational, narrative, and sensory.

There is a class cover and final write pages.

Word work includes:
ABC Order, Syllables, Making Words, Word Search and Parts of Speech.

For the math center there is a partner game that focuses on number words to 12.

Holidays Around the World...Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa is celebrated December 26 through January 1. It is a holiday to celebrate African heritage.  Family and friends gather to exchange gifts and to light a series of black, red, and green candles. These seven candles symbolize the  basic values of African American family life: unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith.

The packet contains vocabulary cards for posting as well as a page filled with informational text.

There is an 8 page mini book for guided reading.  A graphic organizer follows for gather important facts about the holiday.

Three forms of writing projects are included: narrative, informational and sensory.

Word work includes:
ABC Order, Syllables, Making Words, Parts of Speech and a Word Search.

There is also a math game included which focuses on addition to 12, 18.
There is also a page for just number recognition.
A record keeping page is included.
Perfect for the math center.

Writing pages for final write are included and a class book cover.
There is a Kinara for coloring.
There are directions for making a Mkeka. 

Holidays Around the World...Diwali

Diwali is one of India's most important holidays of the year.
The festival marks the celebration of good over evil.
This festival of lights lasts for 5 days.
In 2017 it will be celebrated on Oct. 19th.
In 2018 it will be celebrated on Nov. 7th.
In 2019 it will be celebrated on Oct. 27th.

The packet includes word wall vocabulary for posting.
There is also informational text.

There is a 8 page mini book filled with informational text about the holiday.
Students will gather facts using the graphic organizer.

Writing suggestions include:
informational, narrative, and sensory.

Final write pages are included as well as a class cover for showcasing writing.

Word work focuses on ABC Order, Syllables Making Words, and a Word Search.
All vocabulary is related to the theme of Diwali.

There is also a math game for a center focused on odd and even.
There is a parts of speech page that includes a graph.