Monday, December 11, 2017

"Warm Up" your Snow Days!

When the students enter in the morning I love having these on the student's desks.
They immediately have something to focus on and get the wheels turning.
The perfect "warm up" on a snowy day!
There are five of each of the style actives shown below.
25 warm ups altogether.

Reading, Writing, and Word Work are SNOW MUCH FUN!!

Your class will have SNOW MUCH FUN reading, writing and working with words using these topics:
The Snowy Day
How To Build a Snowman
Dressed for Winter Play
How Chocolate

Each theme begins with a paragraph for "reading for detail" followed by comprehension questions.
Have students read the question, highlight the answer in the text and then write the answer.
This is followed by one or two writing projects.
The Snow Day includes sensory and opinion writing.

Word work is also included.  With this theme students are working with -ow and vocabulary.

Writing includes sequencing.

Label, vocabulary and a partner game are included.

Writing includes sequencing in two different forms.

Here you see a partner game for vocabulary and work with -ake.

The packets all include three levels of writing pages for final writes.

Sunday, December 10, 2017


Math can be SNOW much fun and this packet filled with games and activities are ideal for you math centers or math lessons.
Many are partner games with record sheets so you can check students work while they are playing the game.  
Other activities are cut and past working with facts to 10 and numbers.

January Mini Books...Print, Fold, Read!

Perfect for guided reading, partner reading, or simple informational text.
Each book is related to a special day in January.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

January Word Searches

These word searches are ideal for building vocabulary and word recognition in text.
The are ideal for a morning opener, a time filler, or in a literacy center.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Let's Write January

These Let's Write monthly packets will make a HUGE difference in making teaching students in your classroom to write easier and so much more meaningful for your class.
It has ...
Lesson Plans
Graphic Organizers (3 choices for each of the 4 topics)
Suggested literature selection for each topic.
Grammer (January focuses on verbs)
A workbook for pre writes
A class cover and a Journal for final writes

The first focuses on Martin Luther King.
Students will write an informational piece.

They will work with verbs.
The practice activities focus on vocabulary and information from Martin Luther King.

Students will do a first draft and then work on editing it.

When their editing has been corrected they will completer their final write which will be placed in their January Journal.

The second focuses on Making a Snowman.
They will write a "how to" story.

The verbs focus again on action.

Blizzards are the next literature choice.
Students will write sensory stories.

For verbs they will focus on present and past.

The final literature choice is the New Year.

Again verbs focus on past and present as well as parts of speech.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Teaching Comprehension Strategies with favorite January Literature!!

Teach comprehension strategies using literature that your students will enjoy and that fits with the theme of the month.

Using The Mitten...
Lesson Plans
Strategies for posting

Predict, Visualize, Sequence

Using Snowmen at Night...
Lesson Plans
Strategies for posting

Recall, Questions, Purpose

Using Stranger in the Woods...
Lesson Plans
Comprehension Strategies for posting

Summarize, Sequence, Main Idea/Details

Using Snowflake Bentley...
Lesson Plans
Comprehension Strategies for posting

Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion, Compare/Contrast

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

January Writing with Page Toppers!

I love showcasing student writing and this is absolutely an ideal packet for helping students create writing pieces using 4 differentiated graphic organizers for planning writing ideas.
Then they can make these adorable page toppers to put on their writing.
Your hallway or bulletin board will look "wintery"!!

Writing includes:
are, have, can,
I would, I'd like, I'd wish